Poems by
Hemant Deshmukh

MONA the Dalmatian Bitch

a poem by Hemant Deshmukh

Just a nod of her tail and she turned away
She looked rather pale and underweight
It was the first time we met and each other saw
Not a great beginning for an undernourished bitch.

A fleeting moment not meant to be the only one
We were here to work so soon time together began
She was indifferent, after all it didn’t matter
She was the bitch out there her name I kept Mona

When she started out the barking seemed profound
Then there was a lull, ‘to hell with her’ I thought
The barking grew, the reason knows only god above
A dotted hairy volcano just waiting to erupt

Then came the time to see beyond
She wasn’t such a bad bitch after all
She was like a hairy coconut actually not even that
She tried hard to pretend but was soft all along

When we saw her a mate it broke our hearts
Our heart racking sobs made all feel sad
It showed that she could enjoy deeply with the dog
But she soon got up again (!) and made us laugh

From there began her friendship as new
We got along so well she turned her litter blue-chip,
But we didn’t care, here was to stay friendship,
When they were together we all were far away!

With the passing of time each year better they know
They look to each other for supply me more litter
Not a day goes by without a thought of Mona
I think to myself, ‘I wonder what this bitch is upto?’

She makes her heads turn and she likes it too
She can make you laugh or make you turn blue
She can be furry at times and silly (wagging tail) too
That’s my dear little Dalmatian Mona for you.