Recent Poems


a poem by Sudarshan Madhav Karhale

At times when you find
your hands enough
to fight this deadly world alone,
strong and tough;
you see no one standing behind
who once assured their support with their words
convincing and kind

You bleed internally from heart
with wounds and cuts came on your part;
you sob quietly
at the betrayal of your emotions,
find yourself accused
by society’s numerous questions.

You sit at some corner
of an empty street,
trying to escape
from your own thoughts;
failed, you scream loudly
at the open sky above,
fed up of having faith
in friendship and love.

You see your image
in a small puddle by roadside,
attempt stomping it with your feet;
you ask the god
cause of your demise,
why always you need to sacrifice?

you walk down the lonely lane,
searching for a place to hide
from such a stabbing pain;
you shut your eyes,
sleepless all night,
waiting for another day
to go to vain.