Recent Poems

When will we meet again?

a poem by Christuraj Alex

I reminisce-
My entering sixteen
Though looked fourteen
Full of perplexities of adolescence
More of vigor and less of sense
Thighs bulging out of my half-trouser-veins
Unsuccessful in hiding my protruding pains
Voice creaking, face pimple-filling
Shyness, blush, and anger aggravating
Avoiding my dear and near ones
And even the company of my parents
Reacting to the elders and earning their swearing
Yet needing someone loving and caring
Getting attracted to you, a girl of my age,
Undergoing the same feelings in a feminine-rage
And smiling at you again, again and again
Fearing what’d be your response, even then
Though you seemed well reciprocating
Yet stern-looking as though staring
Never daring to come closer to you
Waiting… waiting… waiting… to see you
At last fear-filled, confusion-lit
Pressing into your palm a blunt paper-bit
My first ever love-letter, with pleasant pain
Running away gazing at you again and again
Later, hearing your cousin finding it in your skirt
Putting it into your cruel-looking dad’s shirt
Getting spiritually half-dead
Hiding for many days in my bed
Later when I met you again
Finding you as though filled with pain
When you left home to a boarding-school
When I found myself in an all-boys school
Often my asking your younger sister
Whenever I could ever find her:
‘How is she?
Remembering me?’
You as you
I as I
Parting ways, and finding each other-
I miss you.