a poem by Madhura Dabholkar

Jingle is my cute dinky dog
with charming eyes and sharp ears
his nose pointing towards sky
his tail hanging in the air.

He roams in the house the whole day
and never sits in peace
as soon as he sees a stranger
he opens his mouth and barks away.

He like to munch on bones
and love to play with ball
but when its time for his shower
jingle turns his bum and fall.

He enjoys a long drive in the car
and like to chase the birds
if given bread and milk
he sniffs the plate and runs away far.

As I come home from work
his happiness has no bounds
jingle licks my face all over
to play, he pulls me to the ground.

I love my little jingle
and jingle loves me too
and when its time for fun
together we go and mingle.