Fuzzy Flippy

a poem by Madhura Dabholkar

A huge chaos spread at home
when this plumpy fat cat
was brought in house
she would drink away all the milk
and successfully clear every mouse.

My dad named her Flippy
I don’t know what made him think so
though she looked like snow white
she always acted like a crow.

She was dearest to my mom
and adored by my friends
I hated her in the start
but liked her in the end.

Flippy would sleep during the day
and bum around at night
whole night she would sing
and make the neighbours fright.

Fish was her favourite food
she would scrunch on it whole time
Flippy even liked to dance
if the song had a good rhyme.

Now Flippy stays with her pal
she says she likes it there
she knows we love her very much
and comes whenever we call.