Poems by
Hemant Deshmukh

Let us be Voyeur

a poem by Hemant Deshmukh

The day begun in a rush with a little less care
I try to keep up with time, not much I can spare

I rush thru the day waiting for a prime spot
I fail to stop me when I plan a nasty nice plot

Let me walk thru this day with no hope, no pain
Let me just watch dames as they pass in the bus lane

Let me walk on the grass so I can save some time
Let me run and catch glimpse of some beauty prime

Come with me now, come I will show where
Give me some of your time, let us be voyeur

Let’s walk together lets see beauties wet in the rain
Let’s just have a good time and keep worry far again

Come drink in of beauty and have your eyes fill
We may not see them tomorrow even if we will

Let the beauty grow like sack overflow
Let’s get high on passion and each other know

Let’s watch thru’ this window tho not alone
Come hold my hand come let us see and go.