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Wailing of an expectant Mother

a poem by Suresh Menon

Somewhere in the jungle, I roamed with my baby in my tummy
Men call it as Silent Valley, but it was my home to become a mummy
Men trap us as a young baby, straight away from the jungle,
Remember, we always like to live our lives as a herd, social and humble

Why do you use us in Circus, lifting weights and decorate us for your festivals?
Remember, you humans, that we are not to be treated as Dumbo
When you men have mechanized JCBs and Robot Jumbo
When there is no freedom at all for you in lock down, see how you all behave
Same is the emotion when our legs are tied up and made a slave

I was alive to make my baby live and see this Earth
But you cruel men did not allow me to give birth
I was hungry, the smell of sweet pineapple made me run towards it, insane
By then the cracker in it shattered my mouth and I moaned badly with pain

Man, do you keep crackers in whatever you all eat? Its good if you try it so
Then you will know what blunder you have been doing, in every go
I moaned with pain with my baby in my tummy and rushed into the water
With every moment of my moaning, I dived deeper to reduce the torture.
The moment came when I was called to the abode of the Lord.
Remember you humans! You need to change yourselves, a lot

Somewhere in the jungle, I roamed with my baby in my tummy
I believed the humans, but Humans have forgotten the value of their Mummy
I did a mistake, my baby. No baby, you are blessed not to see the human face
The humans will never learn a lesson, even when the Corona Virus is slowly wiping out this race.

As a human I am sorry # Elephant