Invitation to Angel Flora

a poem by Narasimha Rao Gummadapu


At dawn, on foot, I haunt pretty forest adjacent
Angel Flora invites to behold her sights decent,
Astound I, at her instant and salutary invitation
Splendid sprit spurs to scan hilarious habitation.

Birds leave nests to collect millets, just clusters
Drops dew shine on grass, as pure pearl glitters,
Footprints appear apparent, on that foggy grass
Shoots stoop and twigs swing of sap fruit mass.

Deer herd gambol in open air, at clump of trees
Flowers, dangle to dulcet tunes of buzzing bees,
Tides foamy, fondle the crescent brims of lakes
Fish-dive is highlighted, at the zooming brooks.

Peacock-dance enfolds, elated sight of majestic
Sapphires sparkle on the cobras’ hood fantastic,
Rivulets tune melodic nodes at the valleys steep
Angel Flora gifts anthill honey, I gulp and sleep.


I wake up, by cute Sunray touch at candid noon
Sun glitters, as big diamond through leaves lean,
Pythons entwine stems like thick smudge ropes
Monkeys jump in search of fruits upon treetops.

Crocodile-swim glances just submarine posture
Tiger-chase, abaft deer regards dreadful picture,
Crows, suck blood clot on a lion hunted ground
Elephant trunk, sprays water just fountain pond.

Parrots budge in twigs in quest of ripened fruits
Bears somersault but cubs are busy to suck ants,
Vultures fly in the sky and seek the beings dead
Wild hens lay eggs, fowls cackle avert of dread.

Nightingale, coos melodiously in clump of trees
Storks meditate on one leg for fish in the crease,
Red lotus, stares attractive in adjacent lake steep
Angel Flora, offers tasteful fruits, I eat and sleep.


I act up to tunes of bamboo flute, splendid even
Sky shade glazes as ruby red behind hills green,
Wood looks from hilltop as golden flame glows
Mounts eager to swallow the Sun as shark jaws.

At Sunset birds back their nests from jaded jobs
Honeycombs hang as fans and shield bee heaps,
Ants dig holes and lay hills look as pretty battle
Dust raises as that clouds, from hooves of cattle.

Dragon flies encircle earth to gain suave rainfall
Rainbow harbinger of showers sets sight gleeful,
Sun fades as shades creep, an act of diffusion air
Peahen cackles for peacock to lead span the pair.

Animal shrills, reckons of frightful forest feature
Trees fold folio keep steadfast night temperature,
Flowers open and close signs day and night peep
Angel Flora, handouts water, so I drink and sleep.


I, rise up to the howls of jackal, that placid night
Stars infinite, twinkle like diamonds pretty sight,
Omega blazes, break out and crawl on hill forest
Curved electric rays parade from paths of locust.

A band of hunters passes wood, with high hopes
A batch of rustics drives deers away, from crops,
A drove of cattle dozes along calves on meadow
A flock of wolf roams to grab crabs that shallow.

Trivial insects, hide and squeak in bark of trunks
Owls peep from unseen places to sudden attacks,
Peasants return homes after the ruminating oxen
Bats fly upon bloomed trees, for honeyed pollen.

Calves suck wild cow udders, on riverbed glebes
Buffaloes tall horned, roll in slush among babes,
Youth, take night duty from aged to escort sheep
Angel Flora, tips fried millets I guzzle and sleep.


I, get up to elephant roars at that frigid midnight
Milky Way beholds akin amazing amulet bright,
Cool breeze plunges all forest animals in quiver
Vision vanishes, that midnight, blizzard shower.

Rabbits eyes, aglow by reflection of stars bright
Boars wild, roar cracking nuts just as stone blast,
Snakes, crawl out pit holes to rifle, the creatures
Frogs, croak in cobras jaws relate panic features.

Thick forest, resonates with lion-tiger loud roars
Rabbits budge in bush just escape leopard gears,
Carnivorous, hunts that opted pets to tasty feasts
Herbivorous, hides in to escape that cruel beasts.

A band of bandits bestows to burglarize village
Faithful dogs bark their very entry for pilferage,
Hunters quest for jungle beings by robber peep
Angel Flora puts divine nectar I quaff and sleep.


I rise up to jaybird twitters that placid late night
Zebras, strike as temple streaks in thunder swift,
Elephants hide young to guard from lion attack
Leopard, naps on a tree after full meal of an elk.

Dew dropping of folio breaks, stillness of night
Ripen fruit falling blasts sound of sudden fright,
Wild beasts, back to shelters after night hunting
Western star signs advent of cockcrow morning.

Peasants outset with ploughs to fields for tilling
Night watchmen back homes, after final yelling,
Hunters, fail efforts by astute Angel Flora curse
Entire night, blue birds fly on head usual course.

Crows! caw to awake folk and fix in work tight
Red shades of dawn red Sun, ready to end night,
Unaware, I reach my home under spell ravished
Alluring Angel Flora bids ‘adieu’ thus vanished.

The poet is on morning walk to the countryside
and then enchanting Angel Flora extends warm welcome
to witness fascinating features of nature
and also to behold the beauty of the forest.
Astonishing at the unexpected invitation,
the poet simply follows the alluring Angel to gaze pretty Monte.
She discloses the eye-catching sights
and plunges the poet in gaiety, treating as bosom guest.
She offers the produce of the wood
and makes him to roam in the forest day and night
and leaves at the starting place and vanishes.
The poet returns home with delighted heart.
The vivid description about Flora and Fauna
of all spells of the day reveals the live picture of the forest.