Poems by
Narasimha Rao Gummadapu


a poem by Narasimha Rao Gummadapu

Teenagers are exalted and exulted adolescents
Elated period of elite, that of children to adults,
Neither are they boys, nor men of lore pedants
Either girls or women just juvenile dependents.

Rapid body change in teens counts ace feature
Sprouting mustache mounts, masculine stature,
Blossom of bosom the boon of feminine nature
Dulcet tone tunes into brittle adolescent future.

Feel to frail entailing adults ripen conversation
Reticent of affiliating, candid child association,
Relish not ever that of ripened elders’ affection
Extreme shyness paves way to the sly isolation.

Adolescents seldom, adhere to slothful attitude
Acquaintance unjust, exhorts of sordid solitude,
Armature wisdom tips to attempt toils innocent
Misconduct imputes as that culprits of ignorant.

Tendency concealing truth mounts dishonesty
Pride and prejudice wipe out, salutary dignity,
False notions and stealthy stunts shut nobility
Aspire instant acts unheeded and shun gaiety.

Romantic delusions and illusions are at zenith
Elopements frequent at amateur thought froth,
Commit suicides with fright without foresight
Friction and emotion aglow, just fire in hearth.

Young minds puzzle like drops on lotus leaves
Spirited ticklish spell of teens, terrify old lives,
Factious desires induce, morbid deeds aimless
Aspire instant over night heroism of worthless.

Teenagers endeavour to mould conduct decent
Turn into eminent bents, that cuts life crescent,
Adopt, patriotic fervour to splendid integration
Quest apt precepts to fetch elegant nationalism.

The poem “Adolescence” describes the attitude of teenagers
and conveys transitional period from children to adults.
Their position is delicate, as they could not mingle either with men or women
and also their ambitions are peculiar
due to rapid physiological and physical changes.
The poet advises that it is the right time to build up good conduct and character
in order to mould into genial citizens to serve the nation.