Shivering Morning

a poem by Swarit Verma

It was a shivering morning;
With snow all side.
Some to school;
Some to office;
A busy day to say.

Down the street,
A Lady sit.
With a torn dress,
And a baby in the lap,
Asking to God for being collapse.

A boy put his eyes,
On lady at sight.
Bought soup in his hand,
With a scarf,
For her behalf.

“Put it down”, an whisper in ears,
“God will change all your fear”.

The Lady smiles,
With tears in her eyes,
The boy went back,
Without a rent of thanks.

The Lady was none,
But the God inside.
Blessed the child,
With all goodies for his life.

The boy with the light heart,
May not know,
To whom he had helped,
Without a hope.
He slept down that night,
In the moonlight,
Praying God,
To help the lady and her child.