Poems by
Swarit Verma

Almighty and Kalyug

a poem by Swarit Verma

My dear children
Today I am going to narrate a divine tale when
Kalyug and the Creator
Was having a talk
And you are going to learn a lot
You smart people may not believe but
Tale is not a trick
Let me begin the story
And I promise
You will not find it boring

One day the Almighty was enjoying the winds of Earth
Suddenly some pollution get struck
He sneezed loud
Ignorance he
Left further
To his surprise
Winds become fast
Sometimes rains which makes the situation
Very harsh

Great Almighty
Still making sweet divine sound
Mean while a naked person came
Bowing down
“Oh dear who are you”
Questioned the God
Kalyug replied “Oh Lord
I am your creation.
I am the king of this world
Which is spoiled still looks like a tasty curd. Oh deity
I am sad. I got a lot of fun in spoiling people
After that I feel bad.
Oh deity, please let me come in you
My God, I am a King, still I am not having any abode”

Almighty smiled And asked
“Who are your ministers?
Who are your soldiers?
Tell me, the people who are under you?”
Kalyug replied “Wrath and jealousy are my minsters!
Evil, fight, abuse, woman disregard, alcohol, smoke, drugs
And many more are my soldiers.
Brahmins and Kazis are my successors
And young people are my career.
There are lot of things going under me my lord
What to tell I am ashamed of all.
There are no family relations, which used to be
Fights and conflicts at the name of property and money
Lot of affairs but no true love
More the lady removes her clothes
More money she will get
No spiritual knowledge
Every body wants
Some prank and funny.”

“Children will think that
There father is useless
And for in-laws
Woman will have no respect and care,
My lord these are few things
And to my pride
My kingdom is day-by-day flourishing
Oh divine
I am very depressed
Tell me how to keep me calm”

After hearing this Almighty replied
“Oh son I bless you
As whosoever worships me with a pure heart in your era
He will become very dear to me
And at the end of his life
He will rest in peace
He will get all the worlds pleasure if he believe he did Good deeds
And he will ultimately merge in me”
Kalyug answered

“Thank you Almighty for the boon and even I take a pledge that I will
Never harm and affect your true devotees who
Will pray and worship you”
At this Kalyug left with contented heart
And the God departed.