Poems by
Swarit Verma

Corona is not light

a poem by Swarit Verma

Everything was going alright
Suddenly Covid comes to fight
Cases touch the height
Fight was going all through day and night
After 9 months of corona
Everything was sorted
It seems that everything is fine
We all leaving our house
And precautions were denied
But something happened that changed my life
That left in vain
And every body became crestfallen
After so many days of incident
I am writing this poem
To adwise you all
If you are somewhere out
Come back to home

My family was happy
And lost in our lives
Tuitions, parties are all going
Without any deny
Everything was all right when I got to know
That my uncle infected by Covid 19
Everything was looking dark
We had a will that everything will start
But slowly and gradually my full family got infected
Although they live in some other city
So I was well
My uncle’s home was converted into hell
Everybody were in quarantine
Leaving my luckiest cousins
My grand mother was infected
But she was not ready to get admitted
Everything got delayed
Finally when her condition worsened
She was admitted
My stressed father was busy with them
Try to manage everything that was possible for him
But almighty have decided something else
Something very awful
Something very dread
The once she stood on ambulance
She never returned
Her life was already done
She reached hospital
And laid on bed for two or three days
You can say that she was counting her days
On 14th Feb she broke her patient
And she left for heavenly station
My father luckily at the moment
He did all the ceremony
That can be done
Imagine my uncles and aunts
Can’t meet with there mother once in their life
Because they were not allowed to leave their quarantine
My eyes became red all
But the loss can be incurred
Not at all
Imagine a son was even left from touching
Her mother’s body
Because of dreadful Covid 19

This tale is true
Don’t neglect it all
Remember some losses can never be incurred at all
Please readers
Adwise your family that Covid 19 is not over yet
You need to follow protocol and precautions
To keep you and your family safe
And don’t think negatively wild
But Corona is not light