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Sonu Sood, a Simple Man’s Super Star

a poem by Yerra Praneeth

Sonu Sood, simple man saluting star
Sonu Sood, lock down lives livelihood star
Sonu Sood, secular helping smart star
Sonu Sood, a surprising helping hand for the simple man, Sonu a surprising star
Sonu Sood, Indian actor
Locked life’s detector
Poor people protector

Tractor gifter, people lover
Film actor, fearless fighter
Sonu Sood, simple man saluting star
He might be a villain on screen but not less than any hero off screen
His heart of helping others, making him so special
His kind heart, inspiring many hearts to help others

He is not a politician
He is not a business man
But he is a honest, helping man
Sonu, simple man saluting star
Secularly helping smart star

Long live sir, star Sonu Sood