Lessons learnt from Corona

a poem by Bijay Kant Dubey

Wear a mask first
Maintain social distancing
Mix you not with all
Handshake you not
Neither hug you, nor embrace you
Maintain physical distancing
Follow health and hygiene
Keep an eye on sanitation
Sanitize you it all
Your hands, the place you live
Live healthy life
Disinfecting germs and viruses
As far as possible
Try to keep you indoors
Take you herbal things
As for invigorating you
Milk and fruits
Seasonal fruits
Do you yoga and meditation
Physical exercise
To keep you fit and fighting

Fear you not
Take you the fight with all your morale and vigour
Come whatever it might be
How adverse may the situation of life
As who can about the things to take by surprise
Befalling you, about the impending danger
If it has to infect, it will
But you on the guard of moving cautiously
Taking necessary steps
In order to avert, avoid it
So that you may not get infected, affected
Have the courage in you
Have the faith in you
Boosting up with the tips of
Survival strategies
Letting you not your morale lowered
Enjoying fresh air in a free environment
Nature and its bounties