How to Fight Corona?

a poem by Bijay Kant Dubey

Keep you toned up
Unmindful of
Whatever be it
What can Corona to me?
Don’t be afraid of

Take you tulsi leaves
In the morning
Sometimes raw ginger piece
With a pinch of salt
Sometimes a few leaves of tulsi
Or a piece of ginger in a tea kettle

Take you salad
Sliced onion, cucumber and green chilly
And lemon juice and salt sprinkled
Over with sauce
While taking meal
Sometimes sweet curd

A glass of sherbet
With lemon and sugar
Take whenever you like to
Sometimes coffee with pure milk
Sip you to your pleasure

Though you may not like
Sometimes the cloves of garlic
May give you power to fight
Neem leaves to chew
And suck the juice
You may feel uncomfortable

But to keep you fit
Take you exercise
Meditational tips
Exhale and inhale you
Fresh air
Walk you during morning or evening