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My Philosophy in this Pandemic

a poem by Christuraj Alex

Nature Balances. This, indeed, is a well-known truth.
Pandemic and plagues great, needn’t be nature’s wrath.

What’s our gorgeous life! We’ve made it complicated,
What Motherly Earth! We’ve left her mutilated.

Habits bad; Ego full; Comforts-centered lifestyle,
Have cost us our dearest life. Health, wealth gone futile!

Neglecting organic food, we’ve searched for stale snacks,
Our cooking arts transformed like Herculean tasks.

Where we needed to walk we drove. Short miles we flew,
Comfort, we thought, and collected illnesses new.

Pandemic, an angel of death, when knocked our doors,
A passerby, we thought, yet, showed him our indoors.

Ate, drank, danced with him; as though festivity,
He stayed on permanently – calm, cool, and happy.

Were our eyes closed? Didn’t we want to see, at all?
Had we failed to realize The Truth, overall?

Only when existence reached the brinks of the grave,
Weakly, we turned to Him knowing only He’d save.

Sins we’ve committed. Yet, let’s not cry over them,
Humanity needs our service. Let’s care for them.

Living humbly; thinking highly; outlooks let’s change,
Embracing each creature, let’s always love exchange!