Poems by
Bijay Kant Dubey

Adi Guru Shankaracharya

a poem by Bijay Kant Dubey

Where Adi Shakaracharya
What about his philosophy
Where did he lie propounding
Debating and discussing among his disciples?

The great Indian saint, the great Indian theologian
How did he leave out the home
How did he take the journeys to
In search of philosophy, in quest of theology?

Where his texts, treatises
Where did he hold the discussions with
How had it been his medium
And what topics did he do the Shastratha?

Adi Shankaracharya
How was his attire, how his costume
A traveler, a pilgrim he
Travelling and travelling and journeying?

Where did he do the discussions
A theologian of Advaita Vedanta
The propounder of it
With a stress upon renunciation.

Where his Kaladi
What about his biography
And spiritual wanderings
The debater extraordinary?

His discourses and treatises we search
Where did he come to finish
How did he
The great Indian saint?

Where Kaladi
Where his Samadhi Mandir
Behind Kedarnath Temple
Of the great Indian philosopher?

The force behind the establishment
Of the Mathas, Pithas
Adi Shankaracharya
He discussed and debated
Debated and discussed
And we heard
Heard them all over India
His philosophy of Advaita-Vedantism.