When you left…

a poem by Sidharth Kumar

Today eyesight has weakened
thoughts in haziness
but vision still clear
as of yesterdays
of times when we met
of times when we got along

Promises that were made
songs that were sung
truths that were bridged
future that was discussed
when you were close to me
when I was close to you

Trees which walked with us
roads which laid the carpets for us
rivers which smiled seeing us
rains which could never make us wet
when nights were beautiful like you
when days were pleasing like you

Candlelight moon
with stars our friends
nights shadowed by warmth we shared
and lights blinded by our love
when two of us made a couple
when third meant no company

The unrequited love
the incomplete me
the faded dream
the broken glasses
when you were gone
when you left…