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Perceive it through caring eyes

a poem by Shivpoetesspriya

Wiping your tears away
would help a soul to find its contentment!

I love your smile!
Your tears are not a gladdening thing!
They are sorrowful and lonely!

Subversion of trust is not there!
So, don’t cry!

A sudden and simple
crack leads a passage
to our inherent valency!

The compound of love is
our savior here!

The designated spark is too
diligent to be able
to understand your language!
So, don’t cry!

Substantive growth is there.
It is feeding yourself with faith!
An immediate contrast help
is always required.
It is presiding with your
inner performer!
So, don’t cry!

This indication of advancement in feelings is
imposing a person and, that is you!
Something which is arising to create anew
that is you!
So, don’t cry!