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a poem by Christuraj Alex

Like joy, sadness, anger, contempt, disgust, surprise,
Fear is nature’s gift to creatures, to make them wise;
Threats, true or imagined, like rifles, trigger fear,
In physical and psychic realms, it does appear…

Just as darkness causes fear, height, flight, snakes, lizards…
Death is the zenith of fear than other hazards;
Success, failure, loss, judgment, identity, time,
Known, unknown, present, future… fear is time-rhyme-chime…

Like a poison-edged switchblade, it pierces the heart,
Dagger refrains, poison remains as body-part;
Fear like love, affection, darkness, death engulfs us,
Like solar-lunar-eclipses, it swallows us…!

Flowers have nectar, fragrance, yes, even venom,
Venomous flowers produce medicines ransom,
Fears in us, like organs, should be known, accepted,
When noxious, like the appendix, should get extracted…

The present is a present; God-given present,
I should be present to the fear with full consent;
Speaking to the fear: why are you here? What’s your name?
Enthroning in my body and mind – What’s your aim?

Fear occupies when our sanguine heart is empty,
Fill thoughts, words, deeds with positivity plenty;
Enjoy the Sun, Moon, stars, birds, flowers, animals,
Feel them! Freely listen to them! Tell them tales…

Sleeping rose-bud of self should shed slumber and bloom,
Cutting the coffin of gloom sun of hope should zoom;
The shadows of the inner falsehood should find light,
Peace, like white pigeons, should in hidden realms take flight…