A Few Inky Words

a poem by Saima Afreen

On the yellow piece of paper
I stash your words
And behold them everyday
That you wrote for me
Today on this dew laden dawn
Those inky words
Get spread in the azure nothingness
(Your promises) Bringing down the rain of unseen colours
For me
That mingles with drops of my heart blood
Seeped in dust
Where bloom red roses
Emanating your fragrance
Making me swoon
And with my eyes half dreaming
I hear melodious songs
(Of love)?
In my dreamy tipsiness
I behold
An ocean of blue ink
Rising and vanishing
As words written by you fade away
In unknown expanse of misty green
Where I see my life
Slipping away like sand from fist
Leaving your name in my palm lines
In which fills colour my heart-blood
As the world moves on!!!