Thinking of you

a poem by Maryse Saldanha

Behold another day has dawned
Wake up to a bright new dawn
My thoughts wander, where’d he be?
Still in bed or greeting the morn

I wish I could see you awake from your slumber
See you smile in your sleep or would it be a grouch?
Gather you in my arms, feel your unshaven cheek
So bristly and rough yet so warm

Let my senses be filled in the morning
With your scent so fresh only yours
To be carried thru the day, roaming my mind
Every moment wanting you, to sweet moments holding on

When will you come to me?
When will these boundaries fall?
When comes the moment for us
Just you and me and the morn

Let me be lost in your embrace
Just us and heavenly grace
Come to me sweet love
I pine for you and your love