Poems by
Maryse Saldanha


a poem by Maryse Saldanha

The flame wavers in the corner
As gentle winds threaten to blow it out
Will this flutter last thru the night?
Or whither away like it never was

The fragile child lay in the hospital bed
Her loved ones from a distance watch
Prayer on their lips, hope in their hearts
That she brave the stormy night

All of five she lay there still
Painful tubes across her body lay
My heart reaches out where my hands cannot
My little baby, my life be yours I pray

The flame flickers as darkness threatens
Hands reach out to protect the flame
The tears flow as I bow in prayer
O Redeemer to thee I implore

In the darkest moment the flame is the brightest
Giving light to all shrouded in darkness
It burns away whilst it gives light to all
Losing itself away

My baby my angel please brave the night
Brave this night and let the storm pass
Let me hold you in my arms again
Let me once more hear your gleeful laugh

I watch her as her little body trembles
It pains me to see her thus
Let it not be her, I beg of thee
Be fair to my precious my only child

The flame still flickers tho seemingly bright
Just brave the sordid night
Fight the storm and come to me
Let me embrace you angel, my life