To my genie

a poem by Ajith

As I look at these stars
I search for my genie
Who changed my life
Filling it with love

But the pain,
Though I like to hate
As she is invisible
I am falling in love with it

Am I in love with the genie
Or is it the pain I am for
I can only say that
I live for my genie

She puts me in tears
When she remains in her bottle
But she brings smiles to me
When I think of her

She herself is a gift
So how can I ask for more
I have given myself to her
Will she ever know?

Her seconds of silence
Are days for me
As the time clicks
Wish I could stop it

She reminds me often
That I have to wait in rain
To see the rainbow
Just for once

My genie remains invisible
As I wait for my day
To evaporate myself
To blend with her