Straight out of my heart, dearest friend

a poem by Malathi Jagannathan

Oh! How you would be wishing,
Time had ceased to be,
A day earlier or two,
So the man nearest your heart,
Could live eternally!
Earlier you’ve come to me
Tears brimming in your eyes,
Looking for solace
In a dear friend that’s me.
Alas! Cruel fate!
No more have I the face
To look into those eyes,
Those tear-filled eyes,
For solace I have none!
As you hold my hands
And look up at my face
For some magic, healing words
That could bring you back
Those glorious years of past-
I look down at the floor
Avoiding your tear-filled eyes
Lest mine too begin to flow
And break thine little hope.
Oh, How I wish I could
Just put my arms around
And delight you with the words-
“Oh, cheer up my dear friend,
It was just a dream!”
But words have failed me now,
Thus leaving my friend forlorn
To brood her fate alone.
God, I beg of thee!
Give my friend that peace
That ever elusive peace,
Which she desperately needs
And give her back that smile
That adorns her face.

(Dedicated to my dearest friend Geetha,
who lost her beloved husband on 8th January, 2002)