Poems by
Malathi Jagannathan

Had the Rose chosen to wither…

a poem by Malathi Jagannathan

Oh, Ye young ones, just bloomed into buds!
Long journey Ye have in the ocean called life!
Why do Ye yearn to give up thy life
At the fall of a hat or a bat of a lid?
What worries Thee torment? What aches in thy heart?
That torturous death ye dare to seek?
Jumping off the terrace or setting thyself ablaze?
Do Ye not know that if Ye survive per chance
It’s death while Ye live for both body and soul?
A guilt-filled life that is forever strife,
Your loved ones shattered even if cause for it they be.
Expectations high? Too difficult to satisfy?
Failure in Love, that couldn’t find another Love?
What is it Oh, Dears?
That to die Ye dare and to live Ye fear?
Oh, Ye fresh blooms yet to blossom!
Ye know not thy fragrance!
For if the rose had chosen to wither
When still in its infancy,
Would the world have smelt the rose
And made it the Queen of flowers?

(A tear-filled Elegy to the young teenagers
who make an attempt on their own lives
without giving a thought to the after-effects of their
momentary daring / cowardice act)