His death… Her Wait!!

a poem by Siddharth Bhattacharya

A blasted corpse of soldier
Lie in front of my eyes
Lament on the last moment of the martyr
In fiery silence of anonymity… he dies
Killed in a war…
He was paid to fight in
He knew he will be charred
An insane ritual… to be sacrificed in
He did not know how he felt
Just flash of light he saw
Felt his body dismembered in a flash
And then there was flesh cooked and raw
Disturbing thoughts in my mind
Play with the innocence of a toddler
Wounds of lacerations is all I find
Inflicted by the blind eyed killer
The flesh and bones
A portrait… a serenade
An epitaph on grave… some stones
With every moment they fade
When death comes with chill and fright
Violation of his right to live
His breath ceases in patriotic delight
The brave man is no longer alive
His beloved somewhere in the darkness
Prays the god that he survives
May he return… bring happiness
A smile and kiss brings passions alive
Thinking of the prince riding on the stallion
Her dark morose soul is lit up in flares of ecstacy
As his butchered bones wear skins tatterdemalion
Rotting in the times of no mercy
Remembering the times they were together
Lets a crescendo of passion prevail
The tenderness of erotic surrender
Her amour so strong and so frail
Her heart filled with memories
Of the day she first saw her
A smile on her face gives way to the pain
That moment when he first kissed her
When they walked in the rain
An urchin picks up the dust laden flesh
Paid a buck for the filthy job… he goes away
Her love… collected in a gunny bag… prospective maggot mess
His bleeding heart… cremated in a day
Blood freaks they killed him
When he should have been in her arms
For them he was a rejoiced victim
A cadaver… rotting compost… in their farms
Blood freaks they destroyed her light
In dark she smiles like the demented
She knows now he’s lost the fight
A mad mistress of the lost and lamented
It’s her good bye to the light
She took her life in bereavement
The letters flew in the winds of despair
The vultures in feeding frenzy devoured his remnant
Her eyes still long for him… in the grave