a poem by Sayan Chaudhuri

Frantic, frustrated, a fiery storm
Polluted, protruded, a public menace
Hallucinations, fantasies, a thousand nightmares
An eruption in your head, a sulk on your face

Consciousness unconsciously oozes into oblivion
Sense soberly goes off to slumber
Emotions fight in a blurred war
The world becomes a place fit for grumblers

Preceeded by doom, followed by destruction
Accompanied by violence and an eruptive din
Darkness creeps into every inch of the soul
As the mind takes over an impulsive reign

Is it cowardice, or is it valour?
Is pity the question, or mirth the answer?
Is to be banished, or is it to linger?
The solution is all yours, my friend
Tell me, what is anger?