Poems by
Sayan Chaudhuri

The Awakening and Demise of a Monster

a poem by Sayan Chaudhuri

It was night
Vacuous thoughts traversed my mind
I could not sleep with all my might
For it was night

I saw the rat peep from its hole
Vicious eyes lacking soul
Unaware of its dirty role
For it was night

Insects crept on my skin
Drank my blood, tore my rind
I kept quiet like the gloomy wind
For it was night

The ghastly ghoul came before my face
Tempted me to join its race
I embraced evil with all my grace
For it was night

Then, I looted and I killed
The juiciest streams and the gamiest hills
I basked in power and newfound will
For it was night

Suddenly, the depths of darkness began to fade
The sun commenced to lift its head
Before I knew it, I was dead
It is day