Poems by
Cecelia Melba Aguiar

An Attitude of Gratitude

a poem by Cecelia Melba Aguiar

We are in the same ship… but different is our storm;
A gifted time to introspect… a time to transform.

While some are going crazy stuck at their port;
Others have no choice but to step out and stay afloat.

While some are exploring new avenues… making the most of this time;
Others seem to whine..as for them sadly, the sun has ceased to shine.

While some seem to be sinking in these stormy seas;
For others it’s smooth sailing… as they navigate the sea.

While some like the tide… they ebb and recede;
Others find themselves in a limbo… with lethargy they proceed.

Some see hope… the lighthouse beckons and it’s still burning;
Some others like the strong currents… go twisting and turning.

While some are resigned to their fate and have moved to the other side;
Some are anxious… amidst fear… under their decks they prefer to hide.

My ship however sails the storm on the “sails of gratitude”;
For I am blessed with an “attitude of gratitude”.

My anchor is planted firmly on the Lord’s Grace;
One day at a time is all I ask… as I seek his face.

We are all in it together..this storm too should clear;
Stay smiling… stay safe… stay strong… there is nothing to fear!!