Poems by
Cecelia Melba Aguiar

Healing Hands

a poem by Cecelia Melba Aguiar

An angel in a cloak of white;
Holding my hand in those pain-filled nights;
You cured me with your healing hands;
The malaise of my body, only you did understand;
With eyes so kind and nerves like steel;
Are you a Superhero or are you for real?
Your immense knowledge and experience was just a part;
What touched me most was your gentle heart;
Through those sleepless nights; tossing on my bed;
Your words of encouragement always rang in my head;
Along with my body; my mind did you heal;
With life’s complexities you helped me to deal;
Your funny anecdotes and positivity;
Accelerated my healing… lifted the spirit in me
You helped me heal… you were always at my side;
Thank your for being my doctor, my healer and guide!!!