Just One ‘Someone Special’

a poem by Rupal Jain

We all need that One Someone Special
Who accepts you for who you are?
Respects your flaws, mistakes
Makes you feel comfortable
Trust you when you don’t believe in yourself
Is non-judgmental
Sticks around despite having an option
Celebrates one another’s success even failures
Stand up to you when millions are against you
Just One ‘Someone Special’ is enough!

With whom you can cry, laugh and learn together
You can share your secrets
You enjoy complete freedom to be yourself
You think of them first during your bad times
Just One ‘Someone Special’ is Enough!
For whom we are always Priority
Someone you completely trust
Whose single hug is abundant to heal your pain
Just One ‘Someone Special’ is enough!

You don’t need thousands of memories
You don’t need unconditional love, care, and support from many
Just One ‘Someone Special’ is enough!

Someone Special may not be just lovers
She or he can be a family member or just a friend
Someone who enriches your soul
Someone who embrace everything about you
A relationship that is priceless!
Just One ‘Someone Special’ is enough!