Poems by
Sujit Salian

I will always Love you

a poem by Sujit Salian

I have always loved you, I love you
And will always always love you
I know you have always loved me, You love me
And will always always love me.

We didn’t know each other,
But what brought us together…
We had no connections, nor common relations,
Doesn’t it sound like a fairy’s creation!

Your sense of humor had me impressed,
The laughter in me was caressed,
Your sincerity, frankness and openness,
Led me gently into closeness.

Your gentle, comforting, soothing voice,
Make me leap to greater joys,
The voice that I would love to hear,
For more than at least a thousand years.

Your eyes are like the lotus flower,
Behind which lies an immense power,
Your cute, charming, dimpled smile,
Will light up horizons for a mile.

More than that your concern for all,
You are always my best pal,
I will always be by your side,
Give me a place in your heart to reside.