Poems by
Sujit Salian

Ramya’s Laugh

a poem by Sujit Salian

I finally heard Ramya laugh today,
Oh… how wonderful it was to hear,
I could go on hearing it for ever and ever,
She was so far away, yet felt so very near.

She laughs from the bottom of her heart,
so much like a little child,
her laugh is so cute, so very innocent,
sometimes laughing loudly, sometimes so mild.

Her laugh is like music,
which everyone longs to hear,
Music so refreshing in this dull mechanical world,
I will always feel it ringing in my ears.

When she laughs,
She seems to be an angel, who else,
Her laughter sounds so soothing,
like the melodious chimes of the church bells.

Her laugh is so sweet, like the birds,
chirping merrily round the trees,
like the gentle rustling of the leaves,
as they dance to the swaying evening breeze.