The Dance Floor

a poem by Mukul Lukhey

Today, as I was on the dance floor,
amidst the splashes of water,
I could feel the joy,
the growing passion,
the spirits seemingly high,
and the emotions flowing,
I could see the cherubic smiles,
and those gleaming faces,
having water-droplets sparkling on them,
where the bodies were charged,
and high enthusiasm prevailed,
for me, it was the beginning of an end-less journey,
a jaunt through emotions,
a journey right on the dance floor.

There, on the dance floor,
I could feel the unfolded desire,
and the undying urge for love within,
I could feel the words, those eternal tunes,
that get in mind with every thought,
and with all these feelings,
as I danced,
I took a moment to realize, that,
it’s the night on the dance floor,
that’s given me a fond remembrance,
a lovely feeling within,
an enduring joy to remember.