Nowhere out of Blues

a poem by Sundar

This Love, I’ve carried on for seven years
Might die a dream, my heaven fears.
Though it still remains unimpeachable
You pose yourselves to be unreachable

Never had I been afraid to reach
For, to reach you is my rule.

Even angels dare not to fight, but envy
For I’m loving you with a love that’s more than love…

And now that you’re estranged
My life is nothing, but disarranged.

Had I been a fool
In loving you
In exhausting myself of love

Questions still remain
And so my pain

They compare love to an ocean
And now I see the reason
Deep down searching and not finding my love there
I surfaced to see nothing but blues, beneath and above.

I keep looking for clues
To break the barriers of this indispensable blues

If I could change them, If I had the power
How would I replace them other than they are?
When I myself am, nowhere out of blues.