Poems by
Sujatha Rajagopal


a poem by Sujatha Rajagopal

I remember my village, the good old days
My ancestral home and the childhood friend
The enchanting river with slow moving waves
With a rhythm of some sweet lullaby
The temple which wake us up with devotional songs
With a celestial power to purify the surroundings

The whispers of the wind like calling by name
The waving paddies dancing to the tune of wind
The cool breeze of the valley and the pure air of dawn
With the smell of flowers and the spell of mantra
The clear lightning like the veins of the sky
The heavy downpour in which we soak ourselves

My ancestral home was very old
With large spacious rooms and wooden walls
The lovely opening flowers in the courtyard, the mellow fruitfulness
And the marvellous budding seeds after heavy rains
Trees covered the Home in a magnificent way
One can’t miss the greenery around.

My friend was very adorable and delicate
She would burst into tears in a small quarrel
We played together, teased and quarreled
Parted our sorrows and rolled in mirth
While swinging we tried to touch the top branch of trees
Thinking that we can reach heavens

We grew up and it was time for us to part
But minds had got chained with each other
Though we promised to be friends for ever
The pain shot through every vein
I see everything in my reminiscent mood
And the hands that waved on top of the hill