Poems by
Sujatha Rajagopal

A tribute to my friendship

a poem by Sujatha Rajagopal

Deep in your heart, you carried love and kindness
You assured me our friendship is divine
The warmth in your heart warmed all around you
Souls collided in blissful feelings
I was proud that you were one of my best friends
You promised our friendship would be eternal.

You were as smart as the twinkling stars
And existed always as a very bright guy
You gave me advice whenever I needed
For you knew my feelings in a better way
The humour in you was too great
To make people laugh till they tear

You saw the first tear I shed, hold the rest
And made sure the next drop never came out
You were so sincere, caring and true
Your friendship, I believed, was a treasure
Everybody in this world will have friends
But none would have felt a friendship like yours

On a cloudy morning, nature seemed about to weep
I wondered what had happened
With a shock and much pain I knew
You left me, left your dear ones for ever
I shed tears for all the mistakes I made about you
And for all the jokes ever placed upon you

We would never again have those long talks
Another friend like you is impossible to find
Our friendship had risen in our heart
We believed it would be everlasting
Tears roll down in the memory of your thoughts
Never ever will forget you, but’ll cherish for ever.