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Bhadrakali Band

a poem by Yerra Praneeth

It’s a mini tank band, Warangal kuda named it as Bhadrakali band
Very nicely decorated with the greenish gardens, with children’s play items
Bhadrakali band resides, besides goddess by named Bhadrakali
People walk
People talk
People are locked in to the beauty of the Bhadrakali band
People have fun, they make run
Joy spreads all around in Bhadrakali band
Pictures are on
Selfie is never wrong
You continue to have the pictures, selfie near Bhadrakali band
Its a mini tank band.

You watch in night, walk in the night in the presence of lights
Wow! What a feeling you would get all around lights, walking in the greenish garden
Its a Bhadrakali band
A place to visit
Your worries are gone
Have fun
Come, its a Bhadrakali band
A beautiful place to stand, spend.