Pink Floyd

a poem by Anil Kumar P K

Pink in one fold
I “Wish you were here”
“It would be so nice”
while I’m “Waiting for the worm”
lying “Comfortably numb”
Surrounded by “Empty spaces”
And when I wished ” Let there be more light”
Someone put “Another brick in the wall”
Of course from” Outside the wall”
There’s”Nobody home”
And was ” A great day for freedom”
thinking of “Coming back to life”
with “High hopes”
“What shall we do now”
as “The show must go on”
Now that “I’m lost for words”
So “You keep talking”
And “Don’t leave me now”
Just “Run like hell”
away from “Your possible pasts”
“Burning bridges”
After all “The happiest days of our lives”
was “One of these days”
“Just set the control of your heart”
While you’re “Learning to fly”