Poems by
Sudheendra Singh Chauhan


a poem by Sudheendra Singh Chauhan

The Universe, Eternity covers an unknown destiny.
Scarred is its face, scratched and bruised right from the big blast theory.

Destiny, though unknown, survives the ruthless atrocities of the fate- storms, gets exile,
and rips apart the patience, The Evolution.

Sky, the endless coffin of the perished generations, is potent enough,
…enough to get transparent to absorb and reflect,
…at the same time, the entire physical existence.
…its a gift from the omniscient Almighty.

The existence has been through all the times of perishing, mutating, and growing… just like life.
witnessed the never known evolution, and to witness the unknown culmination.

This entire matchless physical existence, powerful, yet is deprived of something,
it knows not that absence, or the hope of presence of its own identity.
Because the almighty never gave the ability to know and recognize,

Is it death… no it can’t be, because any such thing never lived.

Pathetic, if one cannot know itself, trash is it’s strength…

It’s Us, Humans….
the blessed ones,

…to have the bliss of life
…the bliss to know
…the bliss to accept
…the bliss to see ourselves
…the bliss to have what entire eternity is deprived of…

The bliss to cherish this gift,…

a life time to feel, to see, to make a better place to exist and cherish our existence

Only Feelings,
know and understand the most complicated truth.

…To Feel It…,
is to know it all.

Pathetic… We hurt ourselves all the times, all our lives, all our existence and all of us…
just how much we respect and cherish the gift…

Its just us to have this in this whole eternity,
but can we feel it?