Poems by
Sudheendra Singh Chauhan

The Blessed Bliss of Salvation

a poem by Sudheendra Singh Chauhan

Stalking down
from adolescence to the grave-
yard of memory lane.

Trotting up with the needful wishes
and cherished dreams,
privilege to walk through the trivial course
of the paradise of wishes could not saunter
for even a spring splash.

rather consequently
the will drove the capacity,
and kept it moving,
and would do so always,
because the cocoon of patience
concealed honestly
the requisites along with discrepancies.

So, the eye of the prime mover did not blink,
and never ignored the unconditional patronage.

And that’s why,
even when the horizon of the culmination stood dumb at infinity,
the thrusts of patience kept the wheel of perseverance rolling!

And along with the wheel of fortune
shall take me to the horizon
which I breathe for.