a poem by Sushil Kansal

Rowing a small and feathery boat of words,
I managed to touch your heart.
You smiled, held out your hand,
And together we traveled into an unknown land,
Discovering and rediscovering ourselves,
The boat of words being our sole guiding star.

We could almost touch and feel the words the other spoke.

Then the language of eyes took over,
And words became irrelevant.
Each feeling,
Love, togetherness, caring and sharing,
Was conveyed by this magic messenger pair.

We could actually feel the warmth of the language of the eyes.

But the feeling of ecstasy came,
When we were able to feel and sense,
Each and every emotion,
Without even talking or looking at each other.

I then understood and felt what a feeling was!

Now, imprisoned in my own cocoon,
Separated from you by time and space,
I wonder,
What it was that fossilized your feelings for me?