Poems by
Shyam Sundar

With You

a poem by Shyam Sundar

Waiting for you were unimaginable
At last that pleasing face of yours gives the meaning
Not so long, but lead my life in that way
I never had the feeling of sadness, when I think of you.
I saw the happiness in your eyes, which made me to forget my tears.
I always like the way with you.
You showed me the world of love and care.
I wish… to marry.
But, “Friendship” was the one word quoted by you.
You very much liked me as a “Friend”.
“Why can’t a understanding friend, who knows everything about her?”
“Why can’t a understanding friend, who can share her happiness and sadness?”
“Why can’t a understanding friend, who can be there all along?”
Be a life partner…
Is it a mistake made by me.
She is gone… out of my sight and mind.
I lost her.
I just want one thing from her.
These were the words told by me…
“Always be the way you are don’t change.”
Happy married life.
Life is short, make it sweet.