Poems by
Shyam Sundar

My hidden feelings ended up silently

a poem by Shyam Sundar

Neither will I celebrate nor consider a shameful act.
But unstoppable things happen in my life.
A pinch of small spark changed me.
Changed my whole character.
Made it to the last milestone.
None other than the ‘femme’.
Never happened before, but afraid now.
Never had felt a perpetual feeling, but now when I saw.
Frozen by the appearance.
Worshiped her in disappearance.
Engaged in reality with my eyes closed.
Not aware of the happenings, but led its way.
I had the heart in mine and following it.
Desire raised for her unseemingly.
With no botheration, made her sensational.
Elegant walk with transparent heels, had a graceful scene of piece.
Not a cat walk, it was a natural walk.
Eyes with a sensitive act seem to be delicate.
It went on and on and on…
There was no bridge between us.
Nevertheless, my praise found no boundary line.
A sudden thought made me realistic.
Was it I, it was I, got down inevitably.
She is gone.where?
Out of my sight and mind.
Never needed her anymore.
I am totally down.
Nothing to do with anyone.
It was my action which led to the decadence.