Something about Mom

a poem by Asha Sunil

Looking back I recollect now, my earliest reminiscences of my mother
Her pretty face was the very first thing I registered
She was there beside me when I was helpless and weak
She was the first word I uttered when I started to speak!!

She always reminded me of the sweetest of things
Of flowers, candies, bunnies and angels with wings
Yes, she was my very own God sent guardian angel
Who took me in the warm and supportive shelter of her arms!!

I had a glimpse of the maternal pride in her beautiful eyes
Whenever I managed to cross another infant milestone
When I was around three, I was completely taken by her
She was to me the most ideal person, so different from everyone

She was my super hero, my inspiration, my role model
Whose every act I painstakingly tried to follow
She taught me how to sing, she taught me how to spell
Whatever she did or said was always ‘swell’!

All was well till I stepped into the threshold of teenage
When I had a complete change of personality
Little by little things started to change between us
That led to hostility, mutiny and lack of trust

The greatest hit was the pain of the realization
That my mom was also as human as me
Not a superhuman who could save the world and flies
But one who succumbs to emotions, laughs and cries!

We’ve had many a quarrel, many an unsolved fight
And several debates on what’s wrong and what’s right
Our views clashed, our outlooks are very different
And my most beloved confidant became a distant person

But on this day I’d like to let the world know this
She is always a special person and me her little girl
Nothing can take away that special bond we have
Those smiles, those tears and all the promises of the future

No matter whom I think she is…
A guardian angel, my role model or a dictator!
She is always my first and true love…
No words can summarize all what I mean to tell her
But I guess I have to make it, “Mom I will love you forever”!!!