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Diggin’ Your Own Grave

a poem by Ramnarayan

He made you supreme to others
He decided to give you the sixth
He gave you hands to create
He gave you legs to walk, and you can talk
But you are going the wrong way
You are just pushin’ the trigger from your hands
Your legs are just stamping on Innocents
But I ain’t gonna double-talk like you
You can’t destroy this big Rock of God
What makes you fight on mud
‘Cause you are sure gonna end under
One day you are gonna sleep deep beneath
You cant keep quiet the animal in you
You can be your lord but you wanna be your slave
You are diggin’ your own grave
Yeah diggin’ your own grave
Fill the pit you’ve dug and grow a tree
You’ll know its hard to create
Watch it grow, watch it breath
‘Cause man you can, yeah you can!