a poem by Singh R K Dr

In the cocktail of
dream desire and prayer
searching Shangrila

Stoops to set
pleats of her saree:

Craving for a lick
of the salt on her skin
to become one with her

Meeting her once and
so much love in one night
to last the whole life

After extraction
her gives me my old tooth
list of drugs and new bill

Such a wild change
in the mirror beside her-
I look a stranger

Fondling her nipples
my fingers turned icy
as she closed her eyes

Violence breeders
climb power ladder-
peace stings

Tears invisible
on his water-face:
Buddha meditates

In the naked grave
some flesh still clings to the bones
flies drone the last breaths

After the ‘plane-bomb
stuck between concrete rubble
a mother and child

Through long shadows
in the morning remembering
gradual death

In the gray of dusk
sway between hope and despair
their dream promises

Concealing mourning
in twilight gaze he explores
the shaping nightmares

After cleaning
the maid leaves behind
an oily smell