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a poem by Ramnarayan

Disputes everywhere, differences everywhere,
Everyday is a war night’s a nightmare,
Smoke is coming up, tensions in the air.
The evils are dominating, hungry for power,
Innocents are hurt, in the war of so called diplomats,
They ain’t no leaders, ’cause they fight like dogs and cat’s
There are thousands of unanswered questions
Wills somebody give me the answer
Oh please stop this cancer
Somebody stop this sabotage
Stop this cancer
Will somebody clean this wreckage
Stop this cancer
God made the land, we made the boundaries,
‘least we can do is resurrect the love,
The sky is full of dust, its raining tears,
Full of vultures, can’t see the dove
Cant tell who set the fire, but one thing is for sure,
If you still get to live on, you’re gonna choke in the smoke.
We have thousands of clueless questions
Can somebody give me the answer
Oh stop this cancer
We need something to diffuse the bomb
Please stop this cancer
Is there something which could turn the tide
Somebody stop this cancer
We’ve seen the Nazi’s, and the end of fascism,
When we will the see the back of this bloody terrorism,
It can strike anywhere, Bombay or Manhattan,
They ain’t got no destination, they’re the sons of Satan,
If man’s got the sixth sense, why is he creating ruins,
Why man can’t calm down and and live without fighting,
There are mind-boggling questions
Can you sort out the answer
Oh stop this cancer
Oh stop this cancer
Oh stop this cancer