Poems by
Jose C J

The Christmas Sunset

a poem by Jose C J

The barometer gave no warning,
No indication of unusual conditions on Christmas eve,
The day sparkled like a dew in the morning sun,
The innocent folk were in a festive mood.
With the wink of an eye,
They were engulfed in the swirling water.
It swept away all their dreams.
The ‘Tsunami’ smashed into beaches
Without prior warning.
Survivors and rescuers are battling
To find a dry land to bury their kith and kins.
Many are mixed up with the ruins,
And the rest engulfed or swept seaward.
The best swimmers were helpless
In the swirl of water.
It’s not a dream, and never it could be.
I stare in to the distance
Helpless but tearful,
Cursing the sea for the foul game.
We begin to end, we start to finish,
But never thought the end would be disastrous.
The memories of the ‘Tsunami’,
Can never be destroyed.
They belong to me and you,
It made this planet yet another ‘Ground Zero’
With buildings, without buildings,
With lives left, with lives gone,
In good and in bad.
God forbid! never again a disaster
Like the one would hit our planet.
For, death came from the sea
And the waves just kept chasing the innocent.
The sun on Xmas day set with uncherished dreams.
Oh, God what did they do
To deserve such an end?