a poem by Abraham Oommen

Misbegotten, livid child Tsunami
The annihilation’s novel synonym
Born of a clandestine kinky affair
Betwixt the land and sea unaware
Elf of a tremor from earth’s womb
Stealthily but abruptly built a tomb
On crushed corpses and their dreams
Sparked by a family feud, it seems!
Why this planet named after land?
For three fourth of it water at hand
Sun, Moon and ‘Hydron’ it befits
The coasts for this reason it inflicts
As it rocks and lashes the habitats
Of the common man and devastates
Wrath of Nature, Gods and kings
Apt to descend upon poor beings!
Their yelling hushed up by the waves
Bodies buried in sand bed graves
Their sighs wafted through the air
Divide and take each one’s share
Four elements hasten among themselves
The sky and the sun mute witnesses
With heart rending sobs farewell
In this calamity, a prey thou fell
Extend a helping hand to rekindle
Their wilted hopes and a touch gentle