Poems by
Jose C J

To My Son

a poem by Jose C J

Tomorrow you’ll be sixteen
And you’ll step out in the wide world.
So long you were under my protection
But I think now you need a world of your own.
So many people you’ll meet-
All types and from all races,
Good and bad you’ll find,
To all of them you shall be kind.
Success and failures you’ll face,
Accept them with gladness and a cheerful heart.
Along the journey of your life
Read good books, for they’re your never failing friends.
Keep good friends; accept and respect them
Turn a blind eye to their shortcomings.
Never pretend to be what you are not
Nor to be proud
For these go before a fall.
Admire each thing that God has given you
And give HIM the first place in your heart.
You might reach unattainable heights,
But never forget the shore from where you’ve flown.
And for me time is passing
And I must prepare for a journey;
But… keep this advice in mind
Because it’s a gift from someone
Who is dear to your heart.