Poems by
Jayant Sharma

That Funeral…

a poem by Jayant Sharma

That funeral…
O god!
How can I forget that?
My most valued thing
Was now soulless… helpless.
He started for his last journey…
On four shoulders…
The ever-energetic person was no longer lively.
He was then laid on some woods,
Tears enrolled in my lids,
My heart became as hard as it could.
A fire stick then moved towards him,
How could I forget that striking flame?
At last he was left with flames,
This forever ended all our games.
The most cherished body soon became ash,
I went down like an air crash.
I was too small to understand life and might,
Just tears… innocent tears blocked the sights.
Next morning I searched for him
Everywhere I can,
There was no place left to scan!
Then I realised what that was.
He is now in my heart locks…
Only in my heart locks…